Summary of 4+ Years Using Linux/Ubuntu :penguin:

:exclamation: My story :exclamation:

I bought my first computer :computer: when I was in high school in around 2012 :smile:, it was Samsung netbook NP/NC-108, I was really excited about that, I had no idea what programming is, what exactly is linux OS or even Ubuntu. I have already familiar with windows OS and my shiny new computer was pre-installed with windows 7, I used my computer just to listen to music, playing some strategy and fun games, watching movies, finding new fun apps, playing/hacking with OS configuration/customization, and also I did graphics design (Photoshop & CorelDraw). I didn’t do anything special with my computer, because I was a dumb.

Some day I downloaded ubuntu OS image :dvd: version 12.04 LTS (precise pangolin) at an internet coffe in my town. I was very excited to try it in my computer so I took a risk. At that time I just had very minimum experience on computer technical things, I read lots of tutorials and followed it.

After some point I had successfully installed ubuntu :tada:, then the real journey began.

I came across many problems, I didn’t know how to install software, play music, videos. One painful thing is I can’t play multimedia like music or videos on ubuntu, I tried to find out on google and found articles and said that I had to install codec first (I didn’t know apt-get update/install need internet). After quite long time, I’ve installed the codec and played mutimedia smoothly.

A problem which was really annoyed me was I couldn’t use fn keyword on my laptop and the LCD brightness :sunny: control was broken (I didn’t want to use laptop with full brightness at night) :worried:. The brightness problem was very hard to solved, couldn’t found anything that works for me and also I had very limited internet access. After a few days I decided back to use windows on my computer.

Bye Ubuntu! :disappointed:

xubuntu logo

It was around 2014 when ubuntu 14.04 was released :tada:. I just graduated from high school and want to pursue my education in a university :mortar_board: (I choose computer science). before I used ubuntu 14.04, I’ve installed several version earlier such as 13.04/13.10 and the result was my netbook didn’t strong enough to run the unity desktop environment, it was really heavy (lag) so uninstalled it. I searched some alternative and came up with xubuntu 14.04 (like it!). Xubuntu 14.04 was the right choice for me, it run very smooth, memory usage was small and one of my hardest problem was gone (the brightness, I think it was from new linux kernel which added support for my intel graphics card), everything runs perfectly and I love it :heart_eyes:.

From then I used xubuntu primarily for daily activity, because my focus in programming it’s really easy to program in linux os (ubuntu).

In around 2015 I bought an Asus laptop and installed xubuntu 14.04 on it. Again I faced with the same problem, the fn key didn’t work. But, at least with my programming knowledge and experience on using linux I made a tool :hammer: to control the brightness with alt+5 to decrease and alt+6 to increase instead of using fn. Then I experienced freeze regularly when using linux (every linux distribution), to turn the laptop off I had to forced it by long push the power button. One night the latest linux kernel was released (forgot the version, 4.10 above maybe), I downloaded from ubuntu kernel mainline site and installed on my laptop and fortunatelly from that version the freeze is totally fixed.

From then to now 2018 I use linux/xubuntu as my primary os smoothly without any problem, and I use it for my software development activity because it’s also fast, lightweight and easier for programming :tada:.

Happy developing, Happy using linux. :smile:

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